This is how we build links for your business

Step 1: Communication and planning

This is probably the most important step in any link building strategy because we need to know your business and particular market. We believe any link building client should be fully aware of how links were earned and where they come from. And most importantly, how this whole process works.

In the beginning we might ask you a few questions like:

  • Which keywords do you want to rank for?
  • Can you give examples of sites you would like links from?
  • Which are your most important posts/pages?
  • How much you can spend on link building per month?

Once that is all clear, I’ll set up a custom-tailored plan for your business. This will include one or more link building campaigns that result in a natural looking, diverse link profile.

Step 2: Content Audit

Good opportunities for link building campaign

Link building is ideally a content marketing strategy intended to speed up a natural link earning process. For that, you’ll need quality content. As we know, content is still king.

We will go through your existing content to find good opportunities for our link building campaign. This can be anything from articles, lists, news, infographics or video. For this task, we normally use Ahrefs or SEMRush.

Step 3: Create a big prospect list

Once we’re ready with the list of the articles we will use for our campaign, we start collecting prospects.

We normally start with around 100 prospects for the first phase and add around 200 more for the second phase, when we know what works well.

The targets will be only real high-quality websites that are relevant to your company.

We also check link behavior: who are they linking out to? Are they linking out to shady, spammy sites? Is it too easy for anyone to get a link?

Other aspects of our link vetting process include:

  • Only real websites with real traffic ( more than 1000 as per Ahrefs ).
  • Minimum Ahrefs domain rating of 15.
  • The ratio of referring domains/linked domains >0.12.
  • Domain level or article level relevancy.
  • Social media presence.

Step 4: Outreach

We do not email thousands of people with the same template. We believe in approaching only those people who are very interested in your content piece.

That’s why we always personalise our emails and write to the right person in the company.

In a nutshell, the outreach steps are:

  • Create a unique outreach template for your case, add a few personalized elements ( name, niche-specific humor, etc )
  • Email in batches of 20-30 emails per day. Track open rate and conversions, tweak, repeat.
  • Follow up 1-2 times in a week or so.
  • When the response arrives, summarize it in the project sheet, and negotiate according to our link building plan.

We only create backlinks that work. We’re updating our tactics each year, so we could constantly stay one step ahead of the curve.

Here you have a quick summary of all types:

  • Guest Posting
  • HARO Outreach
  • Sponsored Posts
  • Skyscraper
  • Resource pages and broken links
  • Quality Directories

Pricing and Terms

For a typical link building campaign, we deliver around 10-15 links from relevant, quality sites.

We use performance based pricing based on Ahref’s Domain Rating (DR) metric. The higher the DR of a link, the higher the price of that link will be.

We require a minimum budget of $1,000. We aim to hit your budget each month but might charge less based on the number of links we built. We will never charge more, though. If we don’t spend your monthly budget, we will use the difference for next month.

Payment after delivery!

  • 1 High-Quality DR15-25 Link – $99
  • 1 High-Quality DR 26-35 Link – $109
  • 1 High-Quality DR 36-45 Link – $119
  • 1 High-Quality DR 46-55 LInk – $139
  • 1 High-Quality DR 56-65 Link – $159 
  • 1 High-Quality DR 66-75 Link – $189
  • 1 High-Quality DR 76-85 Link – $219
  • 1 High-Quality DR 86-100 Link – $249

This includes content costs, for instance for guest posts and linkable assets. The first period for hitting 10 links might also run between 4 to 6 weeks, due to set-up and tweaking the process. But on average, the number of live links will be 10 – 15 per month.

Examples of Blogs We Outreach To

The Benefits

  • 100% unique and High-Quality content for the guest posts
  • 100% unique and High-Quality HARO outreach answers
  • Real outreach to real websites with real traffic
  • All our links are in-content links, no author boxes.
  • No duplication – we always check Ahrefs for existing backlinks.
  • Only pay for the links we build. After we’ve built them!
  • We quality check every single link. No PBNs, no spam.